Yubin "Thank U Soooo Much" M/V

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Опубликовано: 1 week ago
Yubin "Thank U Soooo Much" M/V

Spotify https://goo.gl/4Fqgty
iTunes & Apple Music https://goo.gl/7fUFz2
Google Play Music https://goo.gl/peqL31

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44 minutes ago


50 minutes ago

if russian roulette and 23 had a baby, this would be it. 💀

5 hours ago

Yubin unnie😍

6 hours ago

I love that her music is so reminiscent of city pop, and her aesthetic is so 80s.

7 hours ago

Diosa !!!!!

12 hours ago




Yubin darling, you need to hit superstardom!

13 hours ago

Wow! I bet the gay nightclubs will eat this song up. Cue the drag queens.

13 hours ago

I know that she's 30 and looks young, but her voice sounds like she's in her 40s

15 hours ago

유빈 솔로 컨셉은 매번 진짜 좋아요ㅠㅠ 앞으로도 마이웨이로 나가주시길!!

16 hours ago

뮤비가 90년대 초반 만화 같다

16 hours ago

Is that a scanner from dbz

16 hours ago

I just realized that Yubin kind of look like Hong Jinyoung

17 hours ago


17 hours ago

숙녀때 뮤비 분위기 한번더 보고싶다 ㅠㅠ

18 hours ago

That thing on her eye ressembles the one in dragon ball🤣😘

19 hours ago

the beat is killing me, it's slaying

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

유빈이 이쁘고 뮤비는 진짜 90년대같고 좋은데 노래가 구리네요...

1 day ago

유빈은 랩파트가 제일 좋다ㅜㅜ
근데 노래가 좀 복고같아서 아쉽다ㅜㅜ

1 day ago

omgg... the song is greatft

1 day ago

my brother just pointed out that the object that yubin holds as a gun is actually a hair dryer it literally says it on the object handy hannah hair dryer lol I actually thought it was a gun

1 day ago

then who is going other song with the thank u lmaoo but i liked those thank u's

1 day ago

This right here my friends is a queen who has such iconic comebacks and always slays.

1 day ago

Attitude and sass on point, abs on point, whole bod on point, vocals on point, choreo on point, rap onfuckingpoint! Yubin is a goddess

1 day ago

is she still looking for bottoms? cause i volunteer!!

1 day ago

I love her voice omg 🔥🔥🔥

1 day ago

그냥 숙녀처럼 시티팝 컨셉 쭉 가자...뭔가 한끗차이로 부족한 느낌이다

1 day ago